Bible - General Questions

Preachers need to be Jeremiahs to their congregations. Parents need to be Jeremiahs to their children.
The multi-gospel madness of our postmodern age denies what Scripture plainly teaches...
Today much of the nominally Evangelical church is putting government on the throne instead of God.
Often we say that their great sin was idolatry. But that sin was an effect, not the root cause.
First Timothy 4:10 does not teach universal salvation. In what sense, then, is God "the Savior of all men"?
In what sense is God "the Savior of all men" (1 Timothy 4:10)? Will all mankind eventually receive eternal life from His hand? If not, what does this passage actually mean?
Some insist that Paul wrote Hebrews, but others say with just as much conviction that he didn't.
There's a lot of confusion on this question. The answer requires using words the way God's Word uses them.
Pope Francis appears to have joined a long list of non-Catholic heretics in espousing the doctrine of annihilation, in direct contradiction of Jesus' own words.
Only 15% of those who claim to be Bible-believing Christians regularly read the Book they claim to believe.
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