Bible - General Questions

A reader asks a question that is, no doubt, on many Christians' minds. Scripture speaks clearly to believers on this matter.
A readers asks: Where does the Bible teach the eternality of the souls of both the saved and lost?
No, it didn't go into a black hole in cyberspace...
Careful study of the Hebrew words in this passage tells us that the answer is clearly No - and why.
Remember the believer's first rule for interpreting the Bible: Always compare Scripture with Scripture.
The evidence is that she did. Mary in Acts is not the Roman Catholic caricature, but a humble witness for Christ.
Most people say, 'Stephen in the book of Acts' - but actually the first Gospel martyr lived 4,000 years earlier.
Each one presents Christ in a different way, to a different audience.
Yes, absolutely - and here's why.
We are often asked, "Should I mark my Bible? Can you recommend a system?" Here's some practical advice.
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