Bible - General Questions

Who is a saint according to Scripture?
This question comes up often, and from very different kinds of people. But our answer to all is the same.
'Backsliding' has largely disappeared from the Evangelical church's vocabulary, but the term must be re-learned.
Jeremiah tried, but he couldn't hold back the truth. He had to speak out. The church needs such men today.
Many teach this today ??????¢?? even in what are considered to be Evangelical churches.
A reader asks: "Can an unsaved man or woman lead someone to Christ? Can you provide any Scriptural evidence on this question?"
The answer underscores the distinction between God's transcendent moral law and His ceremonial law for the Jews.
'Some may ask, and I indeed did ask myself, if I had ever really even been saved. But I didn't quibble over theories...'
Jesus came back to the Temple on Monday morning, and performed one of His most significant works.
To understand why there is no contradiction, we must understand exactly what it means to confess Christ.
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