Scripture and the Church

Are we willing to submit ourselves to the two-edged sword of Scripture?
This is a time of testing. Will God's people stand firm?
In contrast to many examples of contemporary failure to preach the whole counsel of God, examples of boldness in preaching shine forth from the pages of Scripture and the history of the church.
God's command to Jeremiah is also a command to every pastor, church, and individual believer in Christ. In neglecting this commandment there is great danger; in keeping it there is great blessing.
The Roman and Orthodox theories of authority, which date back long before the Reformation, bury Holy Scripture under an avalanche of worldly philosophy, legalism, and man-made doctrines.
How does corruption of the pure Word of God happen in the church? The Bible leaves no room for doubt: It is the work of Satan, who falsely asserts the insufficiency of Scripture alone.
Unlike the prophets of old, today's church is gripped by fear of the consequences of preaching the whole counsel of God.
While the statement in itself is excellent, we cannot commend Dr. MacArthur or his ministry to our readers because he denies and confuses the truths of the Gospel.
The greatest need of our day is genuine revival - a spontaneous, sovereign work of God the Holy Spirit beginning in the hearts and lives of saints who prepare for its coming through fervent prayer.
The job of Christ's Church is not to bring pressure, to protest, or otherwise engage in political action. The unbelieving world can do all of that, but it cannot do what only we can.
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