Scripture and the Church

This doctrine is at the heart of the reason why Christ had to suffer and die on behalf of sinners, and is our motive in seeking the conversion of lost souls.
The landmark doctrine of regeneration by the Holy Spirit is the bedrock of salvation.
As Archibald Brown continued his sermon on the landmarks of authentic Christianity found in Scripture, he next turned to the "landmark stained with blood."
As we continue our series from Archibald Brown's sermon on the removal of Biblical landmarks in the church, he next turns to the "high and massive" landmark of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
"To be thoroughly intellectual you must be certain of nothing..."
The following sermon was delivered by the great British preacher Archibald G. Brown 150 years ago, but his words have immense relevance to the state of the church and the world in our time.
Are we willing to submit ourselves to the two-edged sword of Scripture?
This is a time of testing. Will God's people stand firm?
In contrast to many examples of contemporary failure to preach the whole counsel of God, examples of boldness in preaching shine forth from the pages of Scripture and the history of the church.
God's command to Jeremiah is also a command to every pastor, church, and individual believer in Christ. In neglecting this commandment there is great danger; in keeping it there is great blessing.
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