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Are You Thinking About Sending Your Children Back to Public School This Fall?

By Dr. Paul M. Elliott
In the name of God, we implore you not to!

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In the name of God, we implore you not to!

Editor's Note: This article and those to follow are aimed mainly at our readers and listeners in the United States, but much of what will be said is applicable to Christian families around the world. We pray that the Lord will impress upon all believing parents the great weight of their responsibility to provide for the Christ-honoring education of their children, and not to turn them over to the ungodly "woke" mentality and "cancel culture" that now, by mandate, pervade all government-run schools.

June 2021 - During the past year, the number of United States children who are being privately homeschooled or sent to private schools has skyrocketed. According to an article in The Federalist, in some states the number of children being privately homeschooled has jumped by as much as 700% in the past year.[1]

Responsible parents, both saved and unsaved, have been severely dissatisfied with government school systems' COVID-19 restrictions. Many have discovered the evil agendas of government education as they have examined the home-instruction curricula the public schools have used to replace classroom instruction.

But as the Federalist article also stated, "A question ripe for speculation is whether the dramatic increase in homeschooling will continue or fade with the pandemic."

This is an issue even among Christian parents. We and other ministries are hearing of many parents who began privately homeschooling their children during 2020, or sent them to a Christian private school, but now contemplate returning them to the government-run school systems in the fall of 2021.

We implore you, on the authority of God's Word, not to follow this path! Just a few examples, from among hundreds we could cite, show what a disastrous course this is.

Teaching Sexual Perversion to Children As Young As Age Four

In New York, public school first graders are being shown animated cartoons teaching them about masturbation, and presenting this and other forms of sexual deviancy, described in the most graphic terms, as normal, acceptable behavior.[2]

A public school official defended this and similar videos that are being shown to children as young as age four: "These videos align with nationally recognized methodologies and standards" - in other words, "methodologies and standards" developed and mandated by Christ-hating federal and state "education" bureaucrats. These vile teachings are typical of the ongoing effort in public schools to morally and spiritually ruin an entire generation, without parents' knowledge. Often children are even forbidden to tell their parents what they are being taught, under threat of punishment.

An organization deceptively called Hope In A Box has developed a free curriculum promoting the LGBTQ agenda in both public and private schools. Its goal is to "make LGBTQ-inclusive education the every single public school in this country," according to founder and executive director Joe English, himself a homosexual. The program is now used in over 1,000 public schools with many thousands more expected to adopt it for the 2021-2022 school year.

The goal of this evil program, according to its purveyors, is to create an environment and mindset in which "a child is not afraid to go up to their librarian and say, 'I'm questioning my gender identity. Do you have any books about a kid like me?" The Hope In A Box website describes it as "the nation's largest early-intervention program" to inculcate sexual perversion among America's youth.[4]

This is the "woke" culture at work; it is "critical theory" saying that evil is good and good is evil.

Christian parent, do you want to subject your children to this?

"Canceling" Students' Witness for Christ

A Michigan public school system banned the graduation speech of a senior class valedictorian because it was "too Christianized."[3] School officials deemed this young lady's speech unacceptable because in it she stated that her faith in Jesus Christ had sustained her during her school years and had spurred her on to high achievement. Such a testimony was, they declared, not "inclusive" enough. Another Michigan public school student was forbidden to speak of her Christian faith during an awards ceremony.

I seriously doubt they would have "canceled" the speech of a Muslim or atheist valedictorian who declared that Islam or atheism had been a key to academic achievement, or an honors student who sought to honor the false god Allah or uphold some radical atheist as a role model. Clearly, these moves by government educators in Michigan (and similar incidents in many other states), hiding behind the mask of so-called "inclusion", are in fact blatantly aimed at the exclusion of anything having to do with Biblical Christianity.

In another case, an Illinois public school teacher confiscated the Bible of a second-grader named Gabrielle because she was reading it during recess, sometimes aloud, and other children were asking questions about God's Word. No student or parent had complained, but the teacher told this little one, "You just can't be doing that." As the news article reporting this case stated, "Let's be honest, had Gabrielle been reading Rules for Radicals to her classmates instead of the Holy Bible, she probably would have been given a gold star..."[5]

To government educators, Christianity is the enemy. This is the "cancel culture" at work. Christian parent, do you want to subject your children to such silencing and persecution? Recall the words of our Lord:

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me [i.e., cause one of these little ones to stumble spiritually], it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:6)

Not The Easy Path - But the Right One

We recognize that homeschooling your children, or sending them to a Christ-honoring private school, is not the easy path. It involves many sacrifices. Our hearts ache for Christian parents in countries like Germany where it is illegal to homeschool children, and parents must do their best to counteract ungodly government school agendas within their homes - and often they do even this at the risk of persecution. But for those who, as in the United States, still have homeschool and private school opportunities - we beg and implore you to make the sacrifices necessary to protect your children from Satan's agents, tools, and agendas. Do not sacrifice them to the public school Molech.

In the articles that follow, we shall discuss the issues involved.


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