Scripture and You

A reader asks, "If a person is saved and being sanctified, will the Lord remove idolatry from that person's life?"
As you read and study God's Word, always remember the God-ordained four-fold use of Scripture in 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
The history of the Thanksgiving Day proclamations of United States presidents is revealing.
We can learn much about the benefits of studying God's Word - and the dangers of neglecting it - from the church at Corinth.
Since the Bible is the only supernatural book, to whom should you look for illumination? How should you treat commentaries, study guides, language tools, and similar resources?
Earthly rulers often make studied efforts to insulate themselves from their subjects' true thoughts and concerns. But Christians may bring anything that is on our hearts before our King.
"I'm not a preacher. I haven't been to Bible college or seminary. How can I read and study the Bible profitably?" You can, because you don't need to do it on your own.
The Bible itself gives the answer...
Many Christians are busy looking for antichrists out in the world. We must never forget that the most dangerous ones, in eternal terms, are within the visible church.
Here is God's message to hearers and learners in the church: When you become a Christian you haven't arrived, you've just begun a life-long process with a great end-of-life goal.
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