Scripture and You

The uncertainty of life in these days gives greater opportunity for the proclamation of the Gospel.
In a previous article we saw that the pomp and power of the great but unbelieving men of this world become corruption and weakness when they lift up their eyes in Hell. But God commands us not to seek greatness, but smallness. It is the "small men of Heaven" who shall reign in glory with their Lord.
A "prosperity gospel" preacher didn't let Biblical facts get in the way of his "give-so-you'll-get" agenda.
We're often asked this question. Today we offer what we trust will be some practical advice.
Postmodernism has introduced wrong motives for Bible translation and interpretation.
Postmodernism has influenced Bible translation and publishing in significant ways - none of them good.
In a world shaped by postmodernism, the most important ingredient is a clear understanding of the supernatural nature of the Bible.
Many modern translations use highly questionable source texts that do not bear the marks of God's providential preservation.
Sometimes the mere mention of the name of Jesus has a remarkable effect.
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