Scripture and You

As James writes under divine inspiration, "Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?"
For Christian parents to not take personal responsibility for educating their children is to barter away their souls.
Where is the place that you need to be in the dark times? You need to be in the Word of God.
Even the angels of Heaven do not know the details of our future. But what is their attitude while they watch God's plan for us unfold?
God may end a Christian's long night of waiting in many different ways, according to His wise and glorious purposes.
When Christians come to Christ's throne, His scepter is always extended to us in grace.
We may find ourselves "in the depths" because of sin in our lives; but God may also have other reasons for placing us there.
What kinds of "depths" are you experiencing?
Psalm 130 begins in the depths of our need, but ascends to the heights of God's redemption.
Contrary to what even some churches and preachers will tell you, you cannot "make your peace with God."
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