Scripture and You

Much of what is called preaching or Bible study today is like trying to appreciate the wonders of the Grand Canyon from 35,000 feet flying at 600 miles an hour.
In the name of God, we implore you not to!
Even in these days of chaos, Christ who sits on the throne of glory is "upholding all things by the word of His power." None of the events we see around us take Him by surprise. They are all part of His plan.
Christians are in a unique and challenging position. Like the saints named in the great "roll call of faith" in Hebrews chapter 11, we are "strangers and pilgrims on the earth" desiring "a better, that is, a heavenly country."
Scripture prescribes three steps in the kind of Gospel witness the Lord will use.
If you knew that your fellow Christians in a certain city were about to experience sudden physical and economic disaster, even loss of life, and you were going to write a letter to them, what would you say?
Christian parents across the United States and in other countries who have successfully homeschooled come from all sorts of cultural and educational backgrounds. Some of them, the world (and even many in the church) would say, could never do it successfully. But by God's grace they have.
Trusting in God's provision rather than focusing on worldly prosperity is vital for homeschooling families. This is not merely a pious platitude but a command of God - and one of His greatest blessings.
Are Christian homeschooling parents in danger of raising children who are "socially stunted" or "hothouse Christians" who cannot function in the "real world"? What does Scripture say?
Christian homeschooling involves not merely a curriculum, but an entire way of life for both parents and their children.
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