Bible - Versions & Translations

Today over 95% of Bible translation and translation scholarship - both Protestant and Catholic - is under the effective control of the Jesuits. How did it happen?
Several readers have asked us about this particular Bible. A few key Scriptural tests provide a verdict on it.
While they may seem to be useful tools, so-called chronological Bibles actually destroy the fabric of the inspired Word of God.
Postmodern Evangelicals show no fear of playing fast and loose with that which is most holy.
The Conservative Bible Project is the work mainly of unregenerate men, using unreliable source texts, employing an ungodly translation philosophy. The result is an error-filled rendition of the Scriptures that can change literally every day.
Confronted with nearly 900 choices, Christians need to be discerning about study Bibles & their proper place.
Those old English pronouns transmit important information from the original text that's lost in other translations.
Insisting that the Bible's words have only one meaning has become a foreign concept to most Evangelicals.
Postmodernism has influenced Bible translation and publishing in significant ways - none of them good.
So many versions, translations, and editions, and too little time - so confusing! What are sound guidelines for finding the right Bible?
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