Scripture and the Church

We must never hold onto any visible church, denomination, or institution in such a way that we place loyalty to the institution above loyalty to Christ and His Word.
There is no Biblical warrant for excluding a believer from the Lord's Supper because an individual is not on the membership roll of a local church.
Just five miles from our office is an important but little-known site in the history of the Body of Christ in America.
"Christian apologetics" is not the exclusive domain of the trained specialist but the responsibility of every believer, indwelled by the Spirit and equipped with God's Word.
Why are we witnessing an epidemic of spiritual counterfeits within the church in our time? What must Christians do about it?
Today's wrong emphasis in much of so-called Christian apologetics elevates man's fallen intellect, demotes God's Word and Spirit, and discourages many saints.
What is the essential difference between true and false doctrine? We find the answer in nine words in Paul's epistle to the Colossians.
This 20th-century stalwart's dying words stated the approach to the Bible that must govern every Christian's thinking and living.
The love for which the Apostle Paul commended the Colossian church was a genuine love, for genuine saints. Today our Christian love must likewise be exercised with a genuineness that is rooted in discernment.
Roman Catholicism's Mariolatry involves the amalgamation of the pagan worship and worldly philosophies found at Colosse with elements of Biblical Christianity. As Paul exhorted the Colossians not to be ensnared by such evils, so the true Body of Christ must resolve to remain free of them today.
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