Church - Contemporary Issues

Is having children, as one writer recently suggested, "pure environmental vandalism"?
God often raises up sinful leaders for His purposes, and they often come to power through sinful means.
Was it merely the work of man, or by the authority of God?
Will men colonize Mars, as their forebears of five hundred years ago colonized the New World on Earth? What does Scripture say?
The June 26, 2015 United States Supreme Court decision mandating a so-called "right" to so-called "same-sex marriage" reflects the essential rebellion of the nation and its government against the holiness and sovereignty of God.
Growing numbers of self-described "evangelical" organizations and individuals are caving in to the liberal agenda to gain full acceptance - in both society at large and in the church - for those who practice what God calls an abomination.
Some Christians are claiming that the election of either would be contrary to God's eternal plan. But what does Scripture say.
Paul often singled out individuals for correction, condemnation, or commendation. But in other cases made powerful points about sound doctrine and godly living without naming names.
Taking on a man-made label is problematic, and actually un-Biblical. One Name should be label enough for every saint of God.
Herman Bavinck's essential misunderstanding of the nature of God and His Word leads to denial of the very foundation of truth.
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