Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism has repeatedly and arbitrarily changed the rules about sin, and what must be done to pay for it.
It means to say the same thing God says about your sins - not what Rome says.
At issue is nothing less than the difference between eternal life and eternal death.
Authentic Christianity recognizes that the true church of Jesus Christ is the invisible church.
By giving her these un-Biblical titles, Rome is well on the way to making Mary a fourth person of the Godhead.
Salvation is by faith alone, in Christ alone, apart from works. Salvation is secure because it is all of Christ.
Scripture proves that he was not.
The differences between Roman Catholicism and authentic Biblical Christianity are not sliding-scale shades of meaning, but an unbridgeable gulf between Christ and Antichrist, truth and error, Heaven and Hell.
The difference reveals the essentially idolatrous nature of Roman Catholicism.
The first two chapters of Acts indicate that Mary was among those who "began to speak with other tongues" that day.
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