Cults - Mormonism

Mormon theology speaks of the "Holy Spirit" as an impersonal force, but according to Scripture the Third Person of the Trinity is a Divine Person.
Mormonism's so-called "Trinity" is merely another form of the "trinities" of man-gods found in many ancient pagan religions.
The church today is especially vulnerable to the lies of Mormonism because the doctrine of the Trinity is often poorly taught - if it is taught at all.
Church leaders' lack of discernment about Mormonism is an indicator of far deeper problems.
Four facts about Mormonism's "gospel" reveal it to be utterly false.
God's Word tells us that four factors must govern genuine Christians' witness to the lost souls of Mormonism.
We must remember that God does not answer all of a sinner's objections and questions the day that person comes to faith in Christ. We have the Apostle Paul himself as an example.
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