The wonders of a tiny desert ant point to the person and work of Christ, and the total incompatibility of evolution and Christianity.
In Genesis we have the only eyewitness account -- the only record that makes sense of the evidence around us.
Enns says that the Adam of whom Paul speaks in Romans 5:14-20 and 1st Corinthians 15:20-58 never existed.
Like everyone else who puts pseudo-science in authority over Scripture, Ross is dead wrong about creation.
A recent book shows how Darwinists deliberately suppress and even destroy the evidence.
A church's attitude toward the doctrine of creation is a litmus test of a church's ability to hold to sound doctrine.
Compromise on Genesis cuts the ground from beneath the Gospel.
Aren't there far more vital issues at stake? Can't we overlook this one to keep the peace? The fact is that we can't.
Many godly post-Darwin preachers & teachers abandoned the doctrine of recent creation, leaving a sad legacy.
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