The Christian Life: Sanctification

A reader writes that he has heard this preached in his church, and wonders if it is correct.
Is Christian liberty is "the freedom to do whatever you want in any matter the Bible does not address"?
Some people, even experienced Christians, think there are different classes of people within Christ's true church.
The answer won't be found in your highly variable feelings or spiritual ups and downs, but only in God's unchanging Word.
Some churches teach that a person can receive Christ as Savior without receiving the Holy Spirit at the same time.
Some people misuse Romans 6:14-15 - "we are not under law but under grace" - to say that God's Law has no place in the church.
A continual, irreconcilable war rages within every true believer in Christ. It is the war between the flesh and the Spirit.
Scripture speaks of a constant warfare between the flesh and the Spirit in the believer's life until the end.
Sinners who believe on Him are not saved on the installment plan!
The Bible teaches that the believer in Christ possesses two kinds or aspects of sanctification.
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