The Christian Life: Sanctification

Does your study of the Word produce a broken heart and lead to a humbling of yourself before God?
You need the Word to convict you of sin not only at your conversion, but every day of your life in Christ.
Every Christian must ask himself: Do I read and study the Bible for the right reason?
The Gospel message is, "Come as you are" - a sinner in need of salvation. But that doesn't mean, "Stay as you are."
I recently saw a license plate that said simply, "FREE2BME". But is that the Bible's definition of Christian liberty?
Should Christians pay taxes to a government that funds abortions, pays bribes, and subsidizes obscene "art"?
The Bible first stated our tax-paying obligations to Christians living under a pagan, oppressive, corrupt empire.
What should the Christian's attitude be toward excessive taxation? Scripture speaks clearly on these questions.
Today, many Christians don't want to hear the Biblical answer. Do you?
We offer your Charles Spurgeon's advice from his 'Morning and Evening' reading for Christmas night.
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