The Christian Life: Sanctification

The more you delight in Christ's attributes, the less appeal this world will have, and the less hold it will have on you.
The more Christ is becoming a living reality to you, the more you are profiting from the Word.
The more we truly profit from our reading of the Scriptures, the more deeply we understand our need of Him.
In the wondrous person of Christ is the answer to your every condition, circumstance, and need, for time and eternity.
A reader cites a passage from Pink's Profiting From the Word and asks, "Doesn't this mean he taught that Christ is not enough?"
Are you a doer of the Word, or only a hearer?
Are you storing up God's Word in your heart for coming spiritual emergencies?
Is the reading and studying of God's Word producing a purging of your ways?
It's easy to hate the sin you see in the world. But what about the sin God's Word reveals within yourself?
Does your own spiritual history show confession of sin before God, or efforts to conceal it?
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