New Atheism

The Bible declares that the God-denying state of mind that drives all key developments in postmodern society - the chaos of our time - is built on intellectual dishonesty.
A nationwide chain of atheistic summer camps advertises one of its family programs as "A Weekend in Hell."
Despite the unbreakable connection between New Atheism and evolution, simply refuting Darwinism is not enough.
New Atheism has its own body of eschatological writings. It's called science fiction.
While openly mocking Christ's atonement, all that New Atheists can offer instead is "salvation" through environmentalism.
The chilling moral of New Atheism's doctrine of sin is this: The smartest and strongest will always win.
New Atheists' doctrine of man faces serious problems when they are confronted with the marvel of the human mind.
Instead of "In the beginning, God" it's "In the beginning, hydrogen". Or, to use the popular term, the "Big Bang".
While New Atheists outspokenly reject the Bible, they are blindly loyal to a "holy book" of their own.
New Atheists have a doctrine of God? Yes, it's true. But it has a fatal flaw, and even they know it.
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