Bible - Inspiration & Authority

In the 19th century, men who were not committed to the doctrine of the inerrancy of the Word of God began to develop an adulterated form of the Greek New Testament which was not based upon the authentic source texts. It has become the primary source text for Bible translation worldwide.
We must understand the vast difference between the naturalistic view of Scripture held by most Bible scholars today, and the supernaturalistic view we find in the Bible itself.
The common view of Biblical "inerrancy" in Christian academia and the church today should alarm Bible believers.
Holy Scripture is holy Scripture. We dare not take a low view of this Book.
God through Moses gave Israel eight vital principles for the proper handling and correct understanding of His Word. They apply just as much to Christians and the Church in our time.
How should a Bible believing Christian witness to an unbeliever? We need to let the Word of God do its supernatural work.
The Word of God is what it is because the God of the Word is who He is.
Sinful man's judgments are subjective and thus deeply flawed. But Scripture is the supernatural, objective, flawless critic of man's beliefs and motives.
Scripture is supernaturally incisive. It cuts through outward appearances, and exposes inward reality.
The word "powerful" in Hebrews 4:12 speaks of the effectual, living, supernatural power of Scripture to save souls, sanctify the saved - and to condemn those who refuse to believe.
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