Bible - Inspiration & Authority

Only a Book that possesses this characteristic can do what Scripture does.
Scripture defines the term very specifically. It is a definition to which every Christian and church must carefully submit.
In the post-evangelical church, most pastors and seminary professors have lost any grasp they may have had of Scripture as the only supernatural Book.
The Apostle Paul tells us that it is through the endurance of Scripture that we have hope.
We must ask the Holy Spirit to protect us from imposing our own agendas on His inspired Word.
The leaders of Knox Theological Seminary say Yes. But what kind of "inerrancy" is this?
Is the Bible your church's supreme authority, or have other things taken first place?
The Bible is as accurate and reliable as its Author.

We know this for two reasons: God's promise, and historical evidence of His continuing faithfulness to it.
It's not our job to define Christianity. Our responsibility is to understand God's definition.
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