Prayer: Boldly Approaching God's Throne

A series of lessons on prayer from Arthur W. Pink's book, Profiting From the Word.

Do you, as James says, ask but not receive because you "ask amiss"?
There is nothing we truly need that God has not promised to supply, but in such a way that He will make it good and useful to us.
The Holy Spirit intercedes for us in words we cannot articulate, and He also helps us articulate our needs and desires to the Father.
The Christian can no more pray without the direct enabling of the Holy Spirit than he can create a world.
Who ever lived a busier life than our Saviour? Yet who found more time for prayer?
A prayerless Christian, said Arthur Pink, is a contradiction in terms.
To truly come into the conscious presence of God, and commune with Him at His mercy seat, is a foretaste of Heaven.
The prayer of faith pleads God's promises and expects an answer, but recognizes that it must be God's answer.
We find the answer to this question in Jesus' own preamble to the familiar prayer given in Matthew 6.
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