Satan & Demons

God's sovereign permission of Satan's acts is within the scope of His eternal, unchangeable plan for all things.
The "angel of light" is even more dangerous than the deceiving serpent or the roaring lion.
"What accord has Christ with Belial?" Paul asks. But today many Christians don't understand who Belial is.
Christians cannot be possessed by Satan or his demons, because we are God's possession in Christ.
Satan can, by God's sovereign permission, attack the believer. But he cannot take away your salvation.
He commands a host of demonic beings who do his evil bidding among men.
These names reveal his all-consuming lust to destroy God's works and God's people. But Christ came to destroy the works of the Destroyer.
Jesus said that when Satan speaks his lies, he speaks his native language.
Scripture teaches us the nature and attributes of God through His many names, and those of Satan in the same way.
Strange though it may sound, this doctrine, rightly understood, can be a very comforting one for the believer.
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