Protestant Reformation

Protestant Reformers believed, taught, lived, and even died on the basis of God's Word: The believer who is justified by faith in Christ alone has full assurance of eternal life.
"How is the individual made right with God?"
Much of the postmodern church is adopting this reprobate state of mind.
In view of the church's present retreat into the Dark Ages, is this a contradiction in terms?
The contemporary church and society are both returning to conditions that were prevalent in the Dark Ages, and worse.
The "secret" of the Reformation was not the Reformers, but their God. Evangelicals must re-learn this truth today.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it well: Can you imagine John Knox on television?
Are the Calvin500 Celebration sponsors & speakers true sons of the prophets - or like the Pharisees of old?
He takes Billy & Franklin Graham's ecumenism further by championing a "new Reformation" to obliterate the old.
In over 80 combined years of ministry, Billy and Franklin Graham have presented a false, ecumenical way of salvation.
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