Scripture and the News

The ungodly nature of Critical Theory and its massive spiritual dangers are little understood in society at large. Worse yet, much of the self-described evangelical church and Christian academia have embraced Critical Theory.
The answer is yes, but we must define the term "permit" Biblically.
What may at first seem ridiculous and laughable is deadly serious: The ungodliness that begins in liberal seminaries often makes its way into purportedly conservative churches in the next generation.
If you think that "death panels" do not exist in the American medical system, you are wrong.
It is not how a man begins that matters, but how he ends. "Bible Answer Man" Hank Hanegraaff is headed for a disastrous end.
The successes and failures of previous wars against Islam inform us - if we view them through the lens of Scripture.
Donald Trump likely has heard false gospels from members of his "evangelical advisory board," but he has heard the genuine Gospel at least once.
A British entrepreneur's death reminds us of the uncertainty of life, the transience of riches, and the urgency of preaching the Gospel.
Secular humanism isn't the only false religion now being taught in the public schools.
Evangelical leaders lined up to heap "wood, hay, and stubble" on the foundation of Christ. What about you & your church?
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