Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholics, like Protestants, need the liberating truth of God's Word.
The vast, life-and-death difference between Romanism and authentic Biblical Christianity is not an issue of apologetics, or who has the greater number of converts. The issue is Truth.
Is it Biblical for self-described Evangelicals to join together with Roman Catholics to promote social and moral causes such as Biblical marriage? At first this may seem a worthy endeavor, but it is far from that.
The Truth Behind the Pope's Encyclical on So-Called "Climate Change"
"The groundwork that Billy Graham laid for cooperation with Rome as far back as 1950 has yielded an American Protestantism that no longer knows what it believes and that even wishes, ruefully, that the Reformation had never happened."
A macabre practice of the church of Rome graphically illustrates the vast, eternal-life-and-death difference between Roman Catholicism and authentic Biblical Christianity.
The altars and tabernacles found in every Roman Catholic church are an affront to the holy God who has established His only begotten Son as the One who alone is "priest forever".
Readers and listeners tell us that the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has opened doors of opportunity for them to bear witness to Roman Catholic friends and relatives...
It is God's plan from eternity to have a kingdom of believer-priests who come directly to Him.
Rome says you must come to the confessional booth. Christ invites believers directly to His Father's throne.
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